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Promotes, Models, and Teaches positive life choices for students within the Illini Central School District.

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Est. 2009


CPAC is a coalition of parents, educators, and community leaders from within the multiple communities that form the Illini Central School District #189.


The purpose of our group is to identify and address those issues most likely to cause stumbling blocks to our youth as they become more independent, substance abuse chief among them.


Promote, Model, Teach, a comprehensive three-pronged approach, is designed to take advantage of evidence-based strategies proven effective in reaching young people. We believe it will have a pronounced effect on individual lives and our community as a whole.


The students in our district can have a bright future, but the choice is up to them. We exist to help students make the best choices every day.

Why Have A Coalition In The
Illini Central School District?

  • To influence people’s behavior (for example, reduce the number of youth who are using illegal substances).

  • To build a healthy community.

  • To bring about more effective and efficient delivery of programs.

  • To use resources more efficiently and eliminate duplication of services.

  • To increase communication between groups and break down barriers and stereotypes.

  • To launch community-wide efforts on a variety of topics.


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