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Mock Car Crash
Discussion Guide

When our students experience a Mock Crash event, there is a tendency for them to experience short-term behavior change. Use this Discussion Guide, provided by our local non-profit, CPAC to keep the conversation going on the topic of safe driving. When expectations are clear, events like this can have a more significant and longer-lasting impact on the choices our teens are making every day.

The scene you saw this week was intended to raise awareness of the very real risks that come when people drive after drinking or using drugs and also the importance of wearing a seat belt. It was pretty intense. How are you doing?

What are some of your thoughts or reactions about the scene?


Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for US teens ( Around one-third of teen drivers involved in fatal crashes were impaired by drugs or alcohol.

What do you know about how alcohol can impair driving?

Parent tip: Alcohol has been shown to affect judgment, visual perception, reaction time, and coordination) There is a common belief that marijuana does not affect driving but research and statistics show that it does. What are your thoughts about this?

Parent tip: Marijuana has been shown to affect judgment, coordination and reaction time and analysis of multiple studies found that the risk of being involved in an accident roughly doubles after marijuana use).

Do you know of students who have gotten behind the wheel when it probably wasn't safe to be driving? (without any names or identifying info)

What are some ways you could speak up to a friend or an adult who has been drinking or using drugs to help prevent them from driving or to get yourself out of the car? Do you have ways to get safe rides if they are needed? What makes it hard to do this? How could you set up a deal with parents or others to get a safe ride?

Parent tip: One idea to share is a 'code word' to save face if needing to call for a ride in front of a friend or adult: Let's say you are getting ride home after babysitting or your friend wants you to drive with them somewhere and you don't think the driver is safe but don't feel you can tell them. Say something like "I have a missed call (or text) from Mom - I'd better call her back first" then call parent and use the code word. Example: "Hi Mom, Yes I did forget about Aunt Maggie's. That is fine, you can come pick me up now".)

Crashes happen for many reasons, and sometimes we can't prevent them, but there are many, many crashes that can be prevented. What things did you hear today or what do you know of that can help reduce the chances of you being in a car crash?

Parent tip: Reducing distractions, keeping speed down, not driving impaired, pulling over for a break if you feel drowsy or 'zone out', being especially alert and focused at night, at intersections and on curvy or hilly roads)

Can each of you think of 2 quick ways you will keep yourself and your friends safer?

Online resources for further exploration: (for teens) (for parents/teachers)

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