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I noticed....

Teens want to be noticed! Think about it. anywhere from wild hairstyles or being loud with friends, social media posts and stories, to acts of compassion, and maybe even revved engines and peeling out in the parking lot. Many seem to be asking, "Do you notice me?" Well, with C3 Mentoring, we want to send a clear message to sophomores: I NOTICE. Due to the school cancellation because of the snow, we had to cancel our February C3 date. Instead, we want to issue a C3 "I NOTICED" Challenge this month. Using the student address resource, send a quick note or card that has some aspect of the phrase, "I NOTICED."

Here are some ideas:


  • Earlier this month, I noticed that you had no school because of the snow, what did you do during your time off school?

  • I noticed your name on the Honor Roll for 1st semester. Congratulations! What an accomplishment!

  • I noticed that you're on the ball team/cheer squad etc.

  • I noticed that you have a Spring Break coming up in March (Mar. 20-24), what are you looking forward to the most?

  • I noticed that some sophomores are getting their driver's license, when will you get yours?

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